Tanning Salon Prices

Offered in Bangor, Brewer, Old Town, and Ellsworth

Gold Star Cleaners has a tanning salon in our Bangor, Brewer, Ellsworth, and Old Town locations. All tanning rooms have a fan or are air conditioned for your comfort.

You're always assured the best tan when you use Gold Star. We do not skimp on tanning bulbs and high quality is a must. We change the bulbs well before their light intensity is diminished. 1000 hour bulbs are changed every 700 hours, and beds are cleaned of dust and particulates to ensure the best tanning. Ask our competitors when they change their bulbs, if they even know. One boasted they change their bulbs every 800 hours. You have lost 20% light intensity by that time. Gold Star won't waste your time and money, and you're always assured the best tan.

One price for all levels, whether you want 20 minutes in a tanning bed or 8 minutes in a turbo booth. No hidden costs, no up charges.

1 VISIT - $6.95
3 VISITS - $19.95

5 VISITS - $32.95
10 VISITS - $57.95

15 VISITS - $79.95
20 VISITS - $99.95

(If you visit 15 times, it averages to $4.66 per tan)



12 MONTH UNLIMITED - $839.40

** Tax Not Included **
Visit packages expire two years from date of purchase.
1 Month Unlimited Package expires 30 days from date of purchase.