Green Cleaning and a Green Business

Finally, a cleaning solution that is truly green and actually cleans. Gold Star Cleaners had searched for years and finally found System K4, German technology at its best. K4 is non-hazardous, dermatologically tested as "very good" which is the same rating as cosmetics, and is biodegradable. Still bottom wastes have been reduced by 95% a year with this new system. The waste is non-hazardous and is recycled and used to make electricity.

Green doesn't stop with just dry cleaning, Gold Star uses green spotting agents to remove those stubborn stains. We utilize wet cleaning for all hand wash items. Our paper bags used for folded shirts are made from 100% post-consumer recycled material. Our plastic that covers your clothing and folded shirts is oxo-biodegradable. This aids in the plastic degrading in months versus hundreds of years in our landfills.

Our laundromats use cleaning aids that are citric based. So, when we clean our windows, washers, and floors, we don’t harm our environment. Our stores have double insulation, energy efficient hot water heaters and heating and air conditioning units. Some stores even have a double ceiling which creates a vapor barrier, thus saving on energy consumption. We have virtually eliminated oil for heating and hot water and switched to natural gas where available, thus helping reduce emissions to the environment.

Gold Star uses enzyme-based detergents to clean laundered shirts, wash/dry/fold laundry, and commercial laundries. A major change from phosphate-based detergents that can be harmful to our lands. We invested in newer laundry equipment that has reduced water consumption by half, thus saving on utilities to heat the water and water and sewer costs, saving our planet precious clean water. Newer dryers use half the electricity and natural gas, which saves money and helps with global conservation efforts.

Gold Star has distributed hundreds of garment bags for our dry cleaning customers. Dry-cleaning is brought in the bags, the bags are cleaned and pressed for free, and then they are used to cover the dry cleaning, thus eliminating the use of plastic.

We have one 10 yard dumpster for all eight stores, and rubbish is transported from each location. All cans and metals are sorted and recycled. Metal hangers are also sorted and recycled. Gold Star reuses over 60,000 hangers each year that are brought back into our locations from our customers through our hanger recycling program. Our main plant has eliminated paper towels and utilizes washcloths instead. Why waste paper when we are washing all day anyway?

The efforts to conserve and help the environment never stop. They are continuous, and we are proud of what we have accomplished over the years. Our customers should have peace of mind in knowing that Gold Star Cleaners is doing our part for a healthier planet.